About a month ago, I received an email from Unity, which is the game engine I use to build games, about a Game Jam between Unity and Lego to build a game and submit it to win some cool prizes. I saw this and built a game for it. In a little over a month and roughly 100 hours spent building a game, I present Lego Micro Racers. Based on my mini Lego R/C cars I built several years ago, Lego Micro Racers is a game where you help Pep, the main character, race his 7 Micro Racers around 3 Unique Tracks. This game is hosted on the Unity Play website, and click the link to play it! Also, if you want to view my game on the Lego site with the other games, check out the second link! Finally, if you like the game, leave a comment on the Lego Page!

Link to Play: https://play.unity.com/mg/other/webgl-builds-25165

Link to Competition: https://ideas.lego.com/challenges/6811cf30-f944-4dfa-8714-9b38be6fbb52/application/c4f7b5c3-c087-4ee2-b59a-511d4a3b0edd